- About Simera Decor -

Anne Simernitski is a French born painter and illustrator. She studied art history at the Louvre Museum School and worked as a graphic designer before moving to the US in 2000. While waiting for her work permit, she had the opportunity to explore her passion for art making. She quickly realized that this was a career she wanted to pursue.

By printing her work on pillow covers, Anne wanted to answer her clients whishes.

Often times she heard that customers really loved a specific painting, but it was already sold, not available in the size they were looking for, not fitting their budget, or they liked so many of the paintings that they were indecisive on which one to get. Offering her art in a different medium that could be available, customizable and affordable to all was the answer!

Anne desire is to add color and cheerfulness to your home, wishing that you’ll be in good spirit after resting on this creative, silky and soft piece of art.