I had the chance to be choose by the French-American Chamber of Commerce (Seattle Portland)

to have my paintings exhibited at the great event of

Bastille Day Celebration 2006

hosted by Seattle Center


credit picture: Gilles Belin

More pictures: http://www.seattle-bastille.org/2006/photo2006.htm



Since the 19th century, Montmartre, in Paris, has been the theatre of all artistical revolutions and the place where artists, painters, writers, poets and musicians came from all over Europe to find their inspirations. Le Village wants to reproduce this inspirational atmosphere for painters who will be participating in Bastille Day.

Anne Simernitski is making a regional reputation for creating artwork that range from paintings, abstract collages and illustrations. The French native is one of the founding members of Art Whisper, an artist organization based in Bellevue, WA. In addition, she is a member of Art Collective Issaquah, WA. Her success as an artist has been defined by a unique creative process and tremendous devotion