2012 CoCA Marathon at the Seattle Design Center

2012 Art Marathon and Auction

The 2012 CoCA Art Marathon was a blast. This year I decided on less but bigger pieces. My theme was:

“Combining my abstract expressionist work, Acrylic and Metallic Paints, Collage on Canvas, with the iconic representation of lotus plants and flowers, I intend to recreate the incredibly peaceful energy found in Asian garden I experienced last year while living in Shanghai. After strolling the noisy, frantic, buoyant Chinese roads, you find yourself, often by chance, in a Park or a square. There, people practice the art of T’ai chi, walk backward, hug trees or write calligraphy on the floor using a huge paintbrush dip in water. It makes you appreciate the soothing sound of crickets and the sweet smells of peonies in a whole different way. The Marathon surroundings will act as a busy street, my canvas will be my garden. And it’s oh so quiet…”

The Seattle design center turn out to be a very comfortable place for breaks and the CoCA center was filled with energy and music all night.

Here some pictures to show you the work progression and the "control" chaos before the artwork are nicely display for the auction. As you can see, I even got some help at one point during the evening!

I was close to Suzanne Tidwell and Chris Crites, what a treat. On the picture you might recognize Momoko Sudo and the work of Dave Francis.

Here the result after a little bit less than 24 hours

The three paintings were bought before and during the auction


This one was chosen for the live auction 24"x36"


I would encourage you to come visit next year, you won't regret it!