A word about encaustic:

Encaustic paint is an ancient technique that combines beeswax and resin melted together on a hot plate and applied by layers traditionally on a wood surface. Each layer needs to be fused with each other with the use of a torch or hot gun. Encaustic colors can be made with the addition of pigments and the method permits to embed multiple media and work with the surface. The result is a rich warm milky, translucent unique surface.

It is a popular medium along Northwest artists. I particularly admire the work of Larry Calkins, Joy Hagen, and Stephanie Hargrave.

For more information: click to check the Wikipedia article, or the thorough information by R&F Handmade Paints.

If you are interested by classes and workshop in the Northwest, a good start is to look at NW Encaustic and Pratt Institute.