Good to know:

- I craft my work on quality Deep Wood panels, prime with encaustic gesso. I use archival paper and quality ink.

- Even though encaustic painting is one of the most durable form of painting, it is best to avoid contact with direct sunlight, like any other artwork. Encaustic paintings are safe even in hot day in your house but never let your painting to seat in a hot car. This will cause the wax to stick or melt. The temperature needs to reach 150 degree F for the wax to begin to soften but the heat is intensified through a car window.

- An encaustic painting will develop a tiny cloudy film on the surface during the first six to twelve months and it may also happen if a painting is exposed to cold. This is due to the curing process. It can easily be removed by wiping the surface of the painting with a soft cloth. You can do this as many time as you want if you wish to restore a shiny surface.

- Please make sure to send me the highest picture resolution. If you donít know what that means, Iíll walk you through it


- Due to the natural richness of the medium, the pictures and documents will appears a little hazy. There might be burn marks, scratches, small holes, resin residue.  I will crop and digitally enhance or temper your pictures This is what makes the piece beautiful and unique, but make sure this is what you are looking for. I always welcome visits in my studio for artworks example and I can send you templates of the layout I intend to use before layering the wax.